Czech tradition

Amylon, a.s. has been building upon the over one-hundred-year-old tradition of the Czech starch industry in its production of industrial products.

Thanks to expertise gained through long-term activities in the Czech market and the use of modern technologies, Amylon can guarantee a high quality of its wheat starches, gluten, starch syrups, and maltodextrins. Based on our extensive knowledge of starches, we serve the industry through our high-quality ingredients and both traditional and new products. 

We keep a close eye on the rapidly expanding fields of the food and starch industries for you and for your needs. We focus on current market demands, which is why our product range also includes organic-quality health food ingredients.

Amylon Company manufactures also a wide variety of industrial adhesives.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact one of our sales representatives, who will take care of you.