Industrial starch manufacturing

The product range of Amylon, a.s., as a food industry company encompasses two areas: industrial production located in Havlíčkův Brod and Polná and the manufacture of packaged products located in Ronov nad Sázavou.

Industrial production

Starch itself is present as a storage polysaccharide in most plants, however, only a few plants can be used in practice to manufacture starch, or, more precisely, to obtain it. Tubers and seeds are technologically interesting; in fact, there is a fundamental difference between the two starch types – tuber starch and starch extracted from seeds. Starch stored in tubers (such as potatoes) are found in environments with a predominance of water, which is why the grains are large, polydisperse, and allow water to enter and exit through sort of coiled molecular network. Starch in seeds (corn, wheat), on the other hand, is stored in the opposite end of the plant, where water content does not exceed 20%. This starch is usually monodisperse, fine, and it is very difficult for water to enter the grain.

Primary crops that provide starch are corn, potatoes, and wheat.

Starches differ depending on their chemical composition, primarily the different proportions of amylose macromolecules (linear chain structure) and amylopectin (branched chain).

Industrial production of Amylon a.s. includes wheat starch, gluten, starch syrup, and maltodextrin. Here, we have built upon a century of manufacturing experience while using cutting-edge European starch industry technologies. We manufacture our products in both conventional and organic qualities.
Amylon, a.s. specialises in food grade starch production and sales as well as in industrial starch production. This is why we offer the supplementary product group that includes adhesives, dextrins, and modified starches. This production is strictly separated from

Product manufacturing

Our manufacture of packaged products includes several manufacturing groups, which are shipped to wholesalers, independent sellers and to retail chains both in the Czech Republic and abroad. In our manufacturing process, we use our own wheat starch and a range of ingredients from the Vysočina Region, whereby an excellent quality of our products is guaranteed. The quality system is certified by the IFS standard.

Company mission

Amylon, a.s., is a traditional manufacturer of high-quality industrial and packaged food products and ingredients. We make efforts to be viewed in the market as a European business partner who, based on the needs of the customers, analyses, evaluates, and surpasses their expectations. We conduct our business responsibly, and all our employees have opportunities for personal growth and for achieving their own goals.

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