Industrial adhesives

* We use traditional natural raw materials (starch, dextrin, casein) as well as synthetic polymers in our production process.

* Our adhesives are environmentally friendly and biodegradable in nature.

* We modify our adhesives on our customers´ requests, considering used application technology, properties and types of the materials to be glued.

* We will always help you choose the suitable adhesive for any particular application.


Starch glues

Field of application: paper industry, hygiene products. bookbinding.


Dextrin glues

The essential components are dextrin and starch. Dextrin glues are characterised by high proportion of dry matter and glueing capacity. Required viscosity will be obtained by adding other substances.

Field of application: paper industry (glueing cardboards, cartons, production of cardboard tubes, lamination, glueing labels on metal, coating boxes, bookbinding, toilet paper production.


Dispersion glues

The essential component is the dispersion, with the addition of other components to obtain the required properties.

Field of application: production of cardboard packaging, paper, cardboard, PE and aluminium foils, lamination,  production of cardboard tubes, production of packages (bags), paper bags, bookbinding.


Labelling glues

Field of application: Labels on glass, PET and PVC bottles, metal surfaces. All items you need for manual operations or labelling machines.


* Should you be interested in our products or you need more information please contact our sales representative:
Mr Bořil, , tel.: +420 602 241 738.

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